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Wex Melts Holder

Wex Melts Holder

The Satin Scent is a house of all types of wex melts holder. Put the candle into our candle holder and light the candle. The tea light will heat the essential oils in the stone saucer to spread perfumes and scent. The oil mixture may finish in 2 hours, and the tea lights usually burn out about 2 hours.

The bowl will be scorching after running the Oil or water mixture. Don’t try to put water into the bowl at this moment. In this situation, the bowl will broke. When the bowl becomes cooler, then you can easily put some oil and water in it. If the warmer Tea light wex melts holder is broken on delivery time, we will change it for free or refund your payment.

We provide rest for your mood through the scent and perfume. Put some drops of scent oil into the water. Burn the candle, and our hot Oil will sharply increase the sweet fragrance from the Oil or wax. The tiredness and the pressure of the entire day will go.

Our oil warmer will increase scent and light. The lights are puncture and cast the beautiful sample on the wall or table through refreshing air shatter around. You will create a certain sense and experience for you and your guests. The user will use a diffuser, burner, or Great Decoration for Living Room, Balcony, Patio, Porch & Garden. 

Here, you can see about the wax melts burner;

Wax Melts Burner