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Wax Melts Lush

Wax Melts Lush

Cheshire melt bars are handmade bars. These bars are full of different colors, shimmer, and shine, and highly perfumed. They are easy to break down into small cubes to choose your desired amount. Our study recommends that 1-4 squares depend on how strong you will select to scent through. Only one Cheshire melt bar can give you 30 hours of long-lasting fragrance.

All our wax melts lush are used with both tea light and electric burners. Tea light burners are used to throw a very much stronger fragrance. Most people cannot know the difference between them. However, we are creating our products with high-quality material and tested to a hundred percent perfect level. All these products have safety information over there and follow the CLP guidelines.

  • Twilight Type: It is a bright and summery infusion of lavender buds mixed with warm creamy milk and sweet white chocolate.
  • Snow Fairy Type: A fresh gummy scent with a mixture of pear, musk, and banana crops. It also contains sweet candy floss.
  • Comforter type: Sweet fruity aroma with berries, sweet cassis, uplifting bergamot, blackcurrant, raspberry, and black grape.
  • Sleepy Type: Beautiful relaxing lavender water, oat milk & Tonka makes a comfortable atmosphere, good enough to send you to sleep.

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