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Wax Melts Fife

Wax Melts Fife

The satin scent wax melts do not disappear, unlike the candle. When you can not feel the fragrance, you can get through the useable wax. You can use the new scent of high-quality handmade 100% Soy wax melts fragranced. We have a variety of perfumes. There are many mixed trays available on our website. We also use different scent oils in our wax.

You can use these oils in your wax recipe to keep your room smelly for a very long time. If you prefer heavier fragrance oil in your wax melt, it will keep your room or a house more fragrant. You can choose from an aftershave or sensual perfume, heavenly food, drink, floral, or even our vast home perfume range.

We are sure that you will like the fragrance. The satin scent can be found in different varieties present in the mixture of our famous nine heart-shaped melts in a pot, tarts, break bars, and even the mix of eight perfume in each tray. You can pay the order through PayPal. We just deliver it to the only UK. You can also look at us on Facebook. We are becoming the best and trustworthy producing high perfume satin sent products in the country.

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