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Wax Melt Electric Burner

Wax Melt Electric Burner

All our melts are used with both tea light and electric burners. The Satin Scent wax melt electric burner is used to light up the lacey circle patterns. It is well-matched with both wax melts and perfumed fragrance oil. It is essential to use heat resistance or a level before melting wax or oil in a ceramic dish over a burner.

When you have used the wax, unplug the switch and wait to cool it. After cooling, wash it with soapy water to clean. The wax melt burnet is helpful to enjoy the outstanding fragrance from the wax melt portion. It is amazing. You can also develop your melting magic with your mind. It is also great for addition and matching scents to create your private fragrance mix.

This essential wax burner is an important accessory at your house. The Satin Scent wax melt electric burner do not get heat as tea light burners. However, the perfume time will also be longer than the tea light. they enclose the heat and are safer than the tealight burners. The heat of the burner keeps the wax melts at a very high temperature. It became the reason for the faster release of scent in the air.

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