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Wax Melts Burners

At The Satin Scent we have a lovely range of wax melts burners available to choose from. 


What are wax burners?

Candles can light for only 2-3 hours, while wax melts can burn for 8-9 hours. A wax melt burner, or wax burner is used to burn the wax. There are two types of burners: electric and tea light burners. A wax burner is a good substitute for candles. It is full of aromatic wax melts with the same perfume and solid shape as a traditional candle. But it does not have wick and flame as candles have. Based on their model, wax melts may be fireproof. They are the best substitute for candle-lovers who do not want to light the fire in their home but still want heat, perfume, and a scented wax atmosphere. Wax burners are non-toxic and safe to use. They are highly durable, as an average burner can easily last for 5-6 years. According to recent research, if you buy a wax burner instead of a candle jar, you will save the environment from 48 lbs of garbage. 

How do wax burners work?

Wax burners are full of wax melts that omit their scent when they start their melting process. They liquify from a heat source vary according to the different types. As soon as the wax receives heat, it will begin to blow up the scent in the surrounding area. Once you have enough perfume in your room, you can turn off the burner and permit the wax to solidify for subsequent use. When the wax starts to drop its smell, you can replace it with new wax. However, the melting process will be different for different burners. Some use electricity or light bulbs as a heat source, while others use a tealight candle that will blow up after finishing the melting process to ensure fire protection. That’s why when you buy a burner, you should confirm its heat sourcing procedure. If you are flame allergic, you should avoid purchasing a burner that needs a tealight candle to burn its wax.

How long does the wax burn?

How long does the wax burn

Generally, a standard wax burner lasts for 1-2 weeks. But mainly, the burning time of each wax differs according to the size and design of the burner. Some can last only a few days for a short time each day. On the other hand, some can work for 10+ hours or a few weeks when used daily. However, some types of wax burners and their associated melts can be put again into the burner for the following uses, while others not. But for the second time, you will not get much intensive perfume and rugged structure as they will be for the first time. Their aroma will be less potent the second time.

What can you put in a wax burner?

What can you put in a wax burner

Different wax burners use diverse wax tarts or melt that are small pieces of wax or look like candles. Mostly these melts use traditional candle wax with other candle-type perfumes. In contrast, some burners need a particular tart of melt size. Hence, you should take care of a burner and its accompanying melts while buying it. It will help you to select the exact burner type according to your requirements.

Moreover, wax burners are a good choice for those who want to smell new perfumes daily. After every few days, you can smell a fresh scent. However, you can also get the benefit of discounts and sales for bulk purchasing. One of the best points of a wax burner is mixing different wax melt tarts and enjoying a perfume combination. 

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