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Sofa Freshener

Sofa Freshener

If there are little kids or small pets at home, then there are no chances that your sofa is neat and clean. But with our unbeatable sofa freshener, you can completely move the sofa to get rid of any food that falls on the floor. You just have to lightly spray your sofa with a fresh spray to take care of surface germs as causing the smell. Moreover, our fresheners not only clean sofa pillows, car seats, even rugs. They perform as a natural deodorizer and absorb odours rather than masking them up.

How to use a sofa freshener?

  1. First of all, combine all ingredients in a glass spray bottle.
  2. Now screw the lid on firmly and give it enough shake to combine the ingredients.
  3. After it, spray directly on the fabric to eliminate odours and make your sofa smell fresh.
  4. If you still feel a terrible smell, spray a second time to care for any remaining odours.
  5. Since this spray holds water, it will not last indefinitely (even when rubbed with alcohol and vinegar). Thus, it is good to use it in two weeks.

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