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Mattress Freshener

Mattress Freshener
Although washing beds can be part of your weekly routine, mattresses also need some care. With the help of Satin Scent Mattress Freshener, you can make your mattress fresh and independent of prolonging its life and maintaining it.

We have a vast collection of bed mattress fresheners and deodorizers. All they use friendly, probiotic bacteria to remove unwanted odours and stains from your bed. They can work for different smells from sweat and urine to sick ones and even pet accidents. Our fresheners remove these body fluids smells and remove the scars that they leave behind.

The Satin Scent Mattress Freshener focus on removing the bad smell from the source rather than just covering it. Biologically friendly bacteria digest the organic process that causes odours such as sweat and urine and convert them into water and CO2, both of which have an odour and a fresh floral scent.

Our top-notch fresheners have the following abilities;

  • Eliminate lousy smell from bedding and mattresses produced by sweat and urine
  • Remove urine smells and tints through probiotic bacteria and enzymes
  • It makes sheets and duvet feel clean and fresh as they are new sheets
  • Odour eliminator leaves a light inspirational smell on all stuff

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