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Irish Wax Melts Company

Irish Wax Melts Company

Satin Scent is a local Irish wax melts company located in Dublin Ireland. Sarah Rafferty introduced it when she created the fervour for all things of wax melt. The Soy Wax Melt of our company is 100%  vegan friendly. This wax is conceitedly paraben, paraffin, and phthalate-free. Its additional quality is its production with 100% all-natural soy wax.

The scent of our wax melt is met along with the essential oil. The timing of the signature wax warmer is 369 hours which allows easy melting.  Silicon dishes have easy wax melt characteristics in all happy wax warmers. The use of pop wax is right to change the fragrances. Wax Warmer should match your style. This is a reason we present a huge number of stylish and strong options.

Besides, our huge range of melts means that you are sure to find a perfume which you love and mix different scents to fit your mood. We prepare a large series of pleasure wax melt in a variety of perfumes like baby powder, lavender, black opium, linen, vanilla, secret garden, cinnamon, and others. Paraffin and Soy wax are the combination of custom that makes both worlds for our customers. 

Our unique paraffin/soy blend provides an astonishing perfume. The soy wax maintains the creamy look and surrounding friendly usability. All melts of our company are made using different perfume oils. Pleasure perfume melts the wax to give you unique smells. 

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