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how to clean wax melts burners

How to change Wax melts with no mess

People want to learn how to change out wax without making a mess, when they across to melting scented wax melts (or candle melts) in a wax warmer. In case, you are going to start using your new wax melts and wax warmers; we are presenting some tips and tricks that will enable you to change your wax like a pro. Let us start!

  • Traditional wax melt remover     

There are two ways to remove your used wax melts so that a new one may be used. These two methods are called hot or cold process. In case that your warmer has been on and your wax is fluid, take two cotton balls, set them in the warmer, let it ably absorb and then dispose of into the trash can. This is ideal for the warmers without removable covers, plug-in, and if you are too impatient to replace the wax. At that point, take a paper towel and wipe the tad that is left. 

In case that your wax hotter isn’t on and the wax has solidified, we think it is simpler to eliminate it by turning the warmer back, so the polish at least loosens in the warmer and is simpler to remove as a solid piece! Utilize a scrubber to assist with this, so you don’t harm your fingers, and be sure to wipe it down with a paper towel.


  • Use a Wax Warmer Liner or Wax Popper

Presently, there is a considerably more straightforward approach to eliminate wax from your scented wax warmer—utilizing a “wax hotter popper liner” or “wax hotter liner.” Popper liners are helpful—just put a popper liner in your wax warmer plate, insert any scented wax into the popper, and regale. There are two different types of wax hotter liners you can opt from: reusable and dispensable. With reusable popper liners, you don’t need to stress over extra expenses or harmful waste. The poppers are sealed and permit you to meet and enjoy the aroma without the ado of clearing out your wax warmer plate. You can now rapidly and effectively change your polish from your warmers.

3. Try a New Silicone Dish Top


Patent-pending “No-Scrape “Silicon dish manufactured by happy wax@ makes the process simpler and more comfortable. It helps to preserve the environment by reducing the waste reusable, washable, pop-able top. The silicone dish accompanies Happy Wax® Warmers, and when you are prepared to change out your wax melt, turn your wax hotter off and permit the wax to cool. You can inform if the resin is prepared to jump out if it’s no longer as transparent or as thick as it was the point at which your wax hotter.

Patent-pending Silicone top

One hack for the people who are in a hurry is that they should remove the silicone tray and pop it in the freezer for a duration of 10 minutes.


Some wax Warmers come up with a silicone dish

Another tip is that pour your silicone top over the basin Try not to stress; our soy wax liquefies are compostable and biodegradable. Try not to dispose of your wax in the sink or down the channel! After you’ve disposed of your polish, flush out your plate and load it up with new, new wax liquefies and enjoy!

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