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Candles Gift Set

Candles Gift Set

Satin scent candle sets make beautiful gifts for family and friends. Packed caringly, each candles gift set adds a choice of your favorite home fragrances. They are perfect for giving on birthdays and holidays.

Our candles gift sets are also an excellent method to discover new scents for your home. We stock an incredible range of blessing sets from the world’s most energizing candle brands and home scent architects. All fit to be wrapped and given at any event.

Trying to get the good aromatic candle as a gift can be a little tricky; mainly if you are not familiar with the scent. Gratefully, several of our candle producers have made their lives beautiful and easy by making beautiful sets of candle gifts that feature the scent of their best sales.

Whether you’re purchasing festive scented Christmas gifts, wedding gifts for newlyweds, or housewarming gifts to transform a new home, we have this scented gift which is perfect for this time. Aromatic candle gift sets make brilliant presents for any candle lover. Simultanously, they’re an excellent method to discover new aromas for your own home.

Filled with beautiful mini candles, you can try many new fragrances for a fraction of the price of the full-size version.

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