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Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs add softness to your bath water and moisturize your skin. It does not matter your skin type; the valuable elements in bath bombs make it soft, flexible, and smooth. Yes, it will purify your skin, but the ingredients inside will also make it carefree and soothing.

However, all shower bombs may not be secure. Their components may trouble sensitive skin, causing redness, tingling, or rash, and the annoyance may persevere long after you have drained your tub. Furthermore, a bath bomb can disturb the pH balance of a woman’s vagina. But, our bath bombs are full of non-toxic material. They are entirely skin-friendly. 

Shower bombs are made up primarily of baking soda. Lush’s unique “bubble mix,” citric acid, and essential oils provide a refreshing aroma and special touch. 

Some of our special bath bombs are here;

  • The Intergalactic Bath Bomb enhances brilliant color shade and golden glow to get that swirly “constellation” impact in the water. You have to fill your bathtub with hot water; drop the bath bomb, and have fun! 
  • Jelly Bombs: These fizzers make a slick, skin-softening jelly in water. Drop them in the shower; help it break down by holding it under running water, whirling it around in the tub, or playing with it as it slowly bubbles.

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