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Alien Wax Melts

Alien Wax Melts

Alien wax is an important and fragrant wax. It melts with a sweet scent oil mix of middle notes of orange blossom, fragrance on the base of vanilla musk, and star jasmine. The Satin Scent Alien wax melts come with three notes.

  1.     Top note
  2.     Mid note
  3.     Base note

Alien wax is not related to high, professional fragrance. However, when you melt it, it will share the same name as professional fragrance has.

We melt soy wax efficiently with all-natural material and handmade TLC material. Our all handmade wax is surely available in small batches. They are highly scented. When you melt our wax, it will prove to be perfect for enhancing the fragrance in your room. Notes and colors may change or vary due to handmade products. Wax is melted if it is white; it may seem fully clear when it gets melted. If you also want to have all these smells in your room, you should try our alien wax melts. We are at a peak to give you a variety of different scented alien wax melts.

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